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What if your union membership put you on a list of people not to be employed?  Surely such a thing only happens in far off, far away places with poor records on human rights? Wrong. It happened here in the UK very recently and may still be going on. Exposing and ending this scandal is the aim of the Blacklisted Support Group.  In this podcast, Dave Smith of Blacklisted talks to Simon Sapper about the campaign.

More information can be found:

Blacklist Support Group · hazards.org/blacklistblog


Award-wining performance poet Stephen Morrison-Burke (@MorrisonBurke) shared some of his stories and poems with CWUYouth at a conference fringe event. National Officer Simon Sapper caught up with Stephen after his set to talk poetry, politics and boxing.


In this podcast, Bella Sankey, Director of Policy at Liberty, discusses the continuing importance of human rights and civil liberties - a defining issue in the forthcoming General Election, and a debate thrown into sharp relief by the murderous attacks on the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris.

For more information on the work of Liberty please visit:



But what is it?

How do you do it?
Why does it matter?
The future of the country is, literally, in the hands of young voters.  This podcast gives the "what, why and how" on this important exercise that will be National Voter Registration Day on 5 February 2015.
For more information visit: http://bitetheballot.co.uk/
Or to simply register to vote:  https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote
Make sure you are registered by 20 April to be eligible to vote in the General Election on 7 May 2015

A special podcast  to coincide with  the TUC’s Young Workers’ Month. Engaging with young members has its own challenges. Listen to top tips from National President Beryl Shepherd,  Regional Secretary Kevin Beazer, branch secretary David Banbury and Ben Abrams, Chair of the CWU National Youth Committee.

For more information about CWU Youth:

www.cwuyouth.org  Also follow us on Twitter and Facebook


Two years ago Becca Hufton, then 19,  was a Mail Centre Christmas Casual. Now she has a permanent contract and a growing record of union activity. In this podcast Becca  tells us  about her amazing  journey and how the CWU has , literally, changed her life.

For more information on CWU Youth please visit:

28 April 2014 was the CWU’s first ever national Youth Day. Scores of  young activists descended on annual conference to see the  parliament of the union in action. A range of special events were also laid on. In this podcast national officer  Simon Sapper seeks the views of  some of those  taking part and asks “What does Youth Day mean to you?

For more information on CWU Youth please visit www.cwuyouth.org

CWU National Officer, Simon Sapper speaks to CWU Youth Committee Chair, Chris Hand about the forthcoming first ever CWU Youth Day on 28 April 2014.  A day to encourage the union’s branches to invite younger members to get more involved.  Hopefully spending a day experiencing the union’s policy-making conference for a day will leave them enthused and empowered and eager to become more active within the union.

For further details on Youth Day please visit:


Read first-hand accounts from young members who have already experienced CWU Annual Conference.  Click > here <


Joint Enterprise – or Common Purpose -  is a  centuries’ old law that  is being used to  convict increasing numbers of  young people for serious offices up to and including murder. Trouble is, many of those convicted could not possibly have carried out the crimes they were deemed responsible for. In this podcast, Gloria Morrison, co-founder of a campaign group  to stop these abuses,  talks  about what Joint Enterprise is,  and why and how the law needs to change.

To find out more about their campaign please visit: www.jointenterprise.co


We Own It is a new campaign  group  that puts the case for public ownership.  In a world dominated  by the  view that “private”  is good and  “public”  is bad, we badly need to  change the story!  We Own It founder Cat Hobbs talks about the  campaign to  national  youth officer Simon Sapper.


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